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Québec of Many Denominations

 Québec is  unique:  it regroups in  a square  kilometer churches  of  all three  denominations  that  have  developed  this city; the  French  Catholics, the  English  Anglicans and  the  Scottish  Presbyterians.  It is also the only city in the world to have a Catholic and an Anglican cathedral one next to the other.   In this walking tour, discover the  history,  the  culture  and  the  specifics of the  majestic Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral, located in  the first Catholic parish  in  North  America, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, over  two hundred years  old, and  the Saint Andrew Church, built for the  first Scottish  community in  Québec. 


Duraion: 2 hours 
1 class : 280 $ ; 
2 classes : 380 $ ; 3 classes : 480 $
All fees included 

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