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The Blessed Founders 25-75

Come pray to the Founders of the Canadian Church. Come to the tomb of Saint François de Laval, first bishop of Canada, in the Notre-Dame de Québec cathedral, to the tomb of Saint Marie de l'Incarnation, founder of the Québec Ursulines, inside their chapel, in a sanctuary to the Saint Canadian Martyrs (the Jesuits' Chapel) with a reliquary of Saint Charles Garnier, and to the reliquary of Catherine de Saint-Augustin in the Augustines' Monastery.  You will be recieved by a volonteer of a nun in each place.

Between 2 and 8 hours, 30 to 45 minutes walking, 75% prayer time, 25% historical explinations
Basic fee : $125 for two places
All further donation will be distributed between the participating places. 

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