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St-Patrick's roman catholic Church

St.Patrick's Church

Following the increase in the number of parishioners (about 7000 at the beginning of the 19th century), the church became too small to accomodate everyone who desired to attend. Therefore the Irish Catholic community had no choice but to gather at Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica Cathedral and at Notre-Dame des Victoires Church, as they awaited the construction of a new place of worship. The last mass celebrated on rue McMahon was in 1967 and the church itself was destroyed by fire a few years later.  The façade was left intact, and today is integrated into the Center for Cancer Research run by the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec (a hospital).

In 1914, during the war, a second St. Patrick’s Church was built on the Grande-Allée. Though it was more spacious than the first, it was demolished in 1988 as the present-day church, found on avenue Salaberry, was being constructed. This third church, constructed following the plans of architects Brisbin, Brook and Beynon, was established with the intention of serving the Irish Catholic community and remains today a witness of its previous sanctuaries.

Even though the architecture of this church is more modern, it does house several pieces of furniture that were once found in the previous churches, such as the marble altar, the pews, the Casavant organ, the baptisimal fonts and the stained-glass windows. Actually, the Casavant organ, which was restored and integrated into the new church, offers much sought-after acoustics.

The Redemptorist community served the parish between 1874 and 1999. Today, the St. Patrick’s Parish continues to serve the English-speaking population through the ministry of a diocesan priest, who is also the pastor. Consequently, this church is the only Anglophone parish that exists in the Québec Diocese. It also holds a strong affection for the Irish Catholic community, since it is an important testimony to the history of the Irish in Québec.

St-Patrick's roman catholic Church

  • 1145, avenue de Salaberry
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1R 2V7
  • Phone: 418-524-3544
  • Fax: 418-524-3541
  • Email:
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