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Saint-Charles-Borromée Church

Saint-Charles-Borromée Church

This neo-Classical church was designed by Thomas Baillairgé.  Erected between 1828 and 1830 and dedicated to Saint-Charles Borromée, it has conserved its original appearance, therefore making it an absolute treasure of Québec’s architectural and religious art history.  It is also officially classified as an historical monument.  The façade of this church predominantly distinguishes itself from the rest of the building, which is fairly traditional.

The interior décor, composed of gilded woodwork, was designed by André Paquet, a student of Thomas Baillairgé.  Paquet also designed the vault, the pulpit and the churchwarden’s bench.  The church’s masterpiece is the altarpiece sculpted in the shape of a triumphal arch.  Works of four renowned sculptors, Louis Jacques, Pierre-Florent Baillairgé, Charles Vézina and Pierre-Noël Levasseur, decorate the walls.  Other works of art that arouse a certain interest include a painting of Saint Charles Borromée distributing communion to the plague victims of Milan, the main altar that is a miniature replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Mitchell organ and a sanctuary lamp that dates back to 1780 and that was created by François Ranvoyzé.

The parish invites visitors to its Exposition Centre “Saint-Charles Borromée, un trésor, une communauté”. This permanent exposition calls to mind significant events in the life of the parish and its history. Several parish treasures as well as objects dating back to the 19th century are presented at the Centre. Come and discover the history of the church as well as that of Charlesbourg.

Points of Interest :

  • The altarpiece in the shape of a triumphal arch
  • The works of four renowned sculptors
  • Sacramental vestments
  • The symbolism of the statues and furnishings
  • Guided tours
Discover the history, the architecture and the ornementation that marks Québec's sacred arts.  Free parking, guided tours on reservation, $ 5 per person.

Saint-Charles-Borromée Church

  • 747, boulevard Louis-XIV
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1H 4M6
  • Phone: 418-623-1847
  • Fax:
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