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Quebec city's Roman Catholic Archdiocese (Note: Cannot be visited).

Quebec city's Roman cat. arch.

Québec City is the oldest Episcopal see in North America. The first phase of the Church’s installation in New France dates back to 1615 with the arrival of the Recollets, who were followed by the Jesuit community in 1625.  Both communities permanently established themselves in Québec City in order to serve the new colony and to evangelize the Amerindians.

Named as an official missionary territory by Rome, Québec was erected as vicariate apostolic by a Propaganda decree approved by Pope Alexander VII on April 11, 1658.  The same decree named François de Laval bishop of Pétré and vicar apostolic of Canada in Northern America.  The bulls of the new bishop of Pétré were given in Rome on June 3 of the same year. 

Sixteen years later, the apostolic mission was raised to the level of a diocese, appointed directly by The Holy See. Clement X signed the Bull of erection of the new bishopric on October 1, 1674.  Thus Mgr. de Laval became the first bishop of Québec whose diocese, more vast than Europe itself, included all the territory that France had claimed or had the rights to.  In other words, his diocese included all of North America, with the exception of Mexico and the British colonies. 

This vast diocese was eventually divided when it came under English rule and it was this division that led to the establishment of the first ecclesiastical province of Canada.  Mgr. Joseph-Octave Plessis, under the decision of Pope Pius VII, was named archbishop on January 12, 1819.  However, due to hesitations in London, Québec was not officially declared as archiepiscopal see of Canada until July 12, 1844 by Gregory XVI.  Québec therefore, before this time, had the diocese of Montreal, Kingston and Toronto as suffragan sees.  Today, as a result of several successive break-ups and modifications, over 150 dioceses exist within the same territory, and the metropolitan see of Québec includes the suffragan Episcopal sees of Trois-Rivières, Chicoutimi and Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.

On January 25, 1956, Pope Pius XII imparted the title of primatial see of Canada to the metropolitan see of Québec, as well as the primate title to the archbishop.

Quebec city's Roman Catholic Archdiocese (Note: Cannot be visited).

  • 2, rue Port-Dauphin
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1R 4R6
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