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Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour Sanctuary

Notre-Dame de Roc-Amadour

The devotion to Our Lady of Roc-Amadour came to our continent in 1535-36 during the 2nd voyage of Jacques Cartier when he and his ship crew had to spend the winter at the confluent of the St-Charles and Lairet streams in Québec. They had become stranded by the ice on the St. Lawrence River.  In January, an epidemic of scurvy reached the sailors after having killed about 50 Amerindians in the nearby village of Stadacone. Soon, 8 of the members of the crew were dead and 50 more were on their deathbed.  

Because of his great faith, Jacques Cartier asked his sailors to pray.  They carried an image of Our Lady to a tree in the nearby forest and he ordered that the remaining healthy members of his crew go in a procession to the image while singing and praying.  There, in front of everybody, he made a vow to go to Roc-Amadour in pilgrimage if God allowed him to return to France safely.  After a while, as sent by Providence, an Amerindian who had recovered from the sickness came to tell them about the ''annedda'' (presumably the American white cedar) which seemed to provide a remedy.  After having drunk this boiled tisane two or three times, in less than a week, all the sick sailors were cured not only from scurvy but also of side effects from previous sicknesses. According to Cartier, ''it was a true and evident miracle.''

The sanctuary reminds us of this first pilgrimage and first miracle in Canada due to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.  It was first erected in 1919 on the same piece of land where popular tradition and historians have placed the pilgrimage.  In 1920, Pope Benedict XV gave the Canadian sanctuary privileges and indulgences, ''as it is for the most famous pilgrimage sites'' (A.A. Godbout, founder of the sanctuary, Dec. 1921)  In 2012, it was moved about 500m to the East inside St-Fidèle church.

Saint-Fidèle church
The church, built between 1952 and 1954 according to the plans of architects Adrien Dufresne and Antoine Bédard-Taillon, is the main place of cult of the Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour parish, created on May 31, 1998, from the grouping of the parishes St-Charles-de-Limoilou, St-Esprit, St-François-d'Assise, St-Fidèle and St-Zéphirin-de-Stadacona.  

Must see :
- The Black Virgin
- The miniature replica of the Grande Hermine, Cartier's ship
- The miraculous statue by Jean Bailleul
- The exterior monument
- The painting by Antonio Masselotte

Parish office inside the Saint-Fidèle Church, open from 1 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, entrance by 1260, 4e avenue (postal address :  3055, 2ème avenue, Québec, Qc. G1L 3G1)
Mass Monday to Friday at 4:30pm, Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 9:15

Welcome to all!

Notre-Dame-de-Rocamadour Sanctuary

  • 1260, 4e avenue
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1J 5J5
  • Phone: 418-523-8992
  • Fax:
  • Email:
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