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La Nativité de Notre-Dame Church

La Nativité de Notre-Dame Ch.

The present-day church, La Nativité de Notre-Dame, was built in 1918 on the walls of the previous church that was destroyed by fire.  It was constructed following the plans of Georges-Émile Tanguay, the architect that designed, among others buildings, Québec City Hall.  The church’s architecture follows a neo-Gothic style well-known in Europe: high, narrow vaults, windows in the shape of diagonal ribs and a long nave divided by pillars 

This present-day church is the fourth church to be built on this site, located at the heart of the Historical District of Vieux-Bourg in Beauport.

The interior of the church, a combination of flower and leaf patterns, sculptures, friezes and canopies, was finely sculpted in oak, mahogany and black walnut. The omnipresent gilding gives the building a rich and grandiose character. A few objects that were recovered from the previous churches have been integrated into the present décor: the pulpit’s staircase, a part of the balustrade, 288 red maple pews and a Way of the Cross by French painter A.M. Collin, which is the largest Way of the Cross to have ever been imported into Canada.  The church also has an exceptional Casavant organ dating back to 1931 that has 4,032 pipes of extraordinary length.

The main work of art in the church is without question the magnificent main altar, designed by Adrien Dufresne and constructed by Georges Trudelle and Henri Angers. This piece is comprised of three parts: the altar, the “grille-courtine” and the retable. Its richness is attributed to the materials that were chosen for it: top-quality black stone for the altar tomb, the tabernacle, the steps and the “grille-courtine”, and mahogany from Honduras for the retable, which measures 9.53 meters in height.  We must emphasize that this main altar is also very rich in symbols and that its retable is decorated by over thirty half-sized statues. The complete ensemble is crowned with a crucifix. There are 32 nooks found at the top of the sculpted “grille-courtine”, each of which was foreseen to hold a candle.

This main altar, though its seems to be from the Middle Ages, is of a modern gothic style and is more than likely the most elaborate and well taken care of work of its kind that exists today in Canada.

La Nativité de Notre-Dame Church

  • 25, Avenue du Couvent
  • Québec (Beauport), Québec
  • G1E 6R9
  • Phone: 418-661-6985
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