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Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Seat of the Anglican Church in the Québec Diocese, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was the first Anglican Cathedral to be constructed outside of the British Isles.  This British sanctuary was erected between 1800 and 1804, on the place d’Armes, or more specifically, on the site of the former Récollet monastery that was destroyed by fire in 1796.  Therefore, in 1804, Québec City was the first city to house two cathedrals: one being Catholic and the other being Anglican.  The architects were Captain William Hall and Major William Robe, two military engineers of the British Army.

Wanting to isolate the sanctuary from the city, they surrounded the building with a wall topped with a forged iron fence.  The architecture of other Québec churches would be influenced by this church.

The exterior and the interior of the cathedral bear solid witness to the simplicity of British architecture.  The façade includes certain embellishments, created by François Baillargé and inspired by Renaissance art, whereas the vast interior is inspired by the architecture of Antiquity.

The cathedral offers several attractions not to be missed, such as the Royal treasury given by the King of England, and the closed pews sculpted in oak that came from the Royal forest of Windsor.  Abundant in history, Holy Trinity is not only a place of worship, but it is also a sanctuary where God and history meet.  The Memorial Windows, stained-glass windows of medieval inspiration, commemorate the memory of the deceased, as well as represent passages from the Old and New Testament.  The set of church bells, of London origin, is the only set of its kind in North America and gives an extremely rare tone.

Points of Interest :

  • The set of church bells and the bell tower
  • The organ
  • The stained-glass windows
  • The epitaphs and the commemorative plaques
  • Explications of Royal symbols

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

  • 31, rue des Jardins
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1R 4L6
  • Phone: (418) 692-2193
  • Fax: (418) 692-3876
  • Email:
  • Web site: http://www.cathedral.ca/
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