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Canadian Montmartre-Assumptionists

Canadian Montmartre

In 1925, in order to pay homage to the Sacred Heart and to promote this particular devotion, Father Marie-Clément Staub, Assumptionist, erected the Montmartre canadien, also known as the Sanctuaire du Sacré-Coeur, in Sillery. Its name comes from the Archiconfrérie de Prière et Pénitence wich was founded there and is affiliated with the Montmartre de Paris.

The Augustinians of the Assumption community (also known as the Assumptionists) was founded in France in 1850 by Father Emmanuel D'Alzon who wanted to create a religious community that was modern but also rooted in the Tradition, sensitive to the great causes of God and Man.

The Assumptionnists participate in various activities, from theological research to foreign missions. They also promote serving the Church and sharing the Christian message through social action and the media. In order to share this Christian message with others, the Assumptionnists created a publishing house named Bayard Presse. 

The Montmartre canadien, surrounded by nature and overlooking the St. Lawrence River, is comprised of several different buildings: the Sacred-Heart Chapel (chapelle du Sacré-Coeur), the Cultural and Faith (Centre d’Éducation de la foi), the seniors community and an international community of formation and training (the Alzon community).  This place of worship favours prayer and silence. 

The Church also offers many services: guided tours, adoration, veneration of the Icon of Christ, confession (sacrement of reconciliation), meals (upon reservation). Today, the Montmatre canadien offers courses, retreats, prayer groups, community meals, pilgrimages, and so on... so that the most people as possible have the opportunity to discover God and faith through sharing.

A room rental and meal service are also available. No lodging.  


Canadian Montmartre-Assumptionists

  • 1679, Chemin Saint-Louis
  • Québec, Québec
  • G1S 1G5
  • Phone: 418-681-7357
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